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Jianlai Hardware Expends its brand on 31st Shanghai Glass Expo

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We brought our floor spring, patch fitting, door handle, shower hinge, glass lock, glass clamp, sliding door wheel, door closer, automatic sensor door etc to 31st China International Glass Industrial Technical Exhibition on 6-9th March, 2021.

To expended the brand and supply best products. We offer professional solution of glass door hardware products.

This year is a special year because of COVID-19. Many foreign customers cannot attend to the glass expo. To share our products and our company brand, we held 6 live shows in Facebook during the exhibition. We led customers to see every series of our products. And we answered customers questions during the live time. The customers who cannot catch up with our live time can see playback and leave the message on Facebook. We will respond to their message as soon as possible. 

First we showed our floor spring series. We have different models of floor spring with different capacity to match different requirement of the door. What customers care about is how many times our floor spring run and warranty. Our floor spring runs 50,000 cycle times and with 3 years warranty. We will keep good quality of our products.

If you worry about the patch fitting will not match floor spring, you can chose our patch fitting. Buying floor spring and patch fitting together from us, you don’t need to worry about they don’t work well with each other. 

Next we can see door closer. This time we showed different capacity from 25kg to 80kg door closer to customers. They can chose the right door closer to their door. The most important thing is our door closer also enjoy 3 years warranty.

Next part is glass door lock. We brought the most popular models of glass door lock to the glass exhibition. Customers can check their quality in our booth.

Let’s move to shower fittings. We have shower hinge, shower enclosure kit, waterproof seal strip and so on. 

And glass door handle is next to the shower room fittings part. We install some models of glass door handle. Customers can check their quality and finish directly.

Let’s move to the automatic sliding door part. As you can see, we install an automatic sliding door in our booth. When customer come near the sensor, the door will open automatically. This is also our new series of glass hardware fittings. Many customers are interest in our automatic sliding door set.

That’s all products we showed on the glass exhibition. 

Welcome to be our agent. Jianlai is your best choice.

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