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What Is Floor Spring?

Automatic Floor Spring is a mechanical door closing device mostly used for glass doors along with patch fitting. Floor spring and patch fitting are important part of glass door control hardware. Floor springs are mostly used where both pull and push movement is required. One of the main functions of floor spring is to assist the opening and closing of heavy doors. The most prominent area where floor springs are used is in interior doors of business building, shopping malls, hospital building. We are offering frameless glass door floor spring, hinge glass door floor spring, aluminium door floor spring and wooden door floor spring. Our R&D team will provide new design embedded automatic floor spring in the future.

What Does A Floor Spring Do?

Floor spring is using as a CAM action mechanism. When the door is opened, rotates the CAM spindle. With floor spring, the door can open and close smoothly. Floor spring is widely use in interior doors, such as business builidng, shopping malls, hospital building.
Types of Floor Springs

How to Install Floor Springs?

Floor spring installation steps:
1. Choose a suitable floor spring according to the door weight and width
2. Decide the ground digging hole position and size
3. Cut and dig the ground hole
4. Put and fix the cement box with the floor spring
5. Install patch fitting or accessories in the door in advance
6. Put the door on the floor spring
7. Adjust the closing speed and latching speed
8. Cover and fix the cover plate

Cases of Jianlai Floor Springs

Jianlai floor spring was offering to a project which is covering 2,000 square meters office building.Jianlai was also providing related products such as patch fitting, glass door lock, glass door handle and glass door clamp. We can provide one-stop shop solution to our customers.

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