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Jianlai Hardware (HK) Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and exporting enterprise since 1998.We are specializing in designing and producing floor spring, patch fitting, door handle, glass door lock, door closer, shower hinge, automatic sensor door, etc architectural hardware. Our company is provided with advanced production equipment and production line.
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We have highly qualified and skilled technical engineers and professional marketing personnel to ensure that we provide customers with high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

Jianlai Brand

We have our own brand----Jianlai. It’s easier for customers to enter the market with our brand in short time. As Jianlai is our own brand, we will keep good quality of our products.

5 Years Warranty

Our product enjoys 5 years warranty.

24 Hours Online

Our salesman keep online 24 hours everyday. And we have quick respond system so that you can get the answer soon and solve your problem in short time.

One-Stop Solution Of Glass Hardware Fttings

We have floor spring, patch fitting, handle, door closer, shower hinge etc production lines. We will full fill our production series step by step in the future.

Professional Test Machine

We set up test room with different types of testing machine, like cycle time testing machine, high temperature testing machine, low temperature testing machine, etc.

Delivery On Time

Usually our production time is about 20 days. We will keep reporting the process of production. Our customers will clear about each steps once they order.

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How to Maintain Glass Door Lock?

Glass door lock is a device used to lock the door to prevent others from opening the door. There are many categories of glass door locks, and the requirements for glass door locks are different on various occasions. Ordinary families generally use anti-theft glass door locks, which have high security and relatively low price.

What is Floor Spring?

The floor spring is one kind of many door closers. Floor spring belongs to a hydraulic door closer. The compression spring device of floor spring is a turbine rather than a rack and pinion so that the floor spring can rotate forward or reverse.

What Are the Features of Patch Fitting?

Patch fittings are ideal for creating visually attractive frameless glass solutions for offices, internal or external doors. Our patch fittings offer wide installation option due to the complete products lines and better finish. The patch fittings are suitable for a glass door thickness of 8mm to 12mm, and compatible with interface of any floor hinge.

How to Install Stair Handrail Fittings

The best material for stair handrail fittings depends on the environment of the stair and the required appearance. Handrail fittings made of metals, such as steel, aluminum and wrought iron, are popular choices in commercial, industrial and contemporary environments. When the view outside the railin

How to Adjust Floor Spring?

Floor springs ensure that your door closes itself when it is opened. In terms of convenience and safety, floor springs are as good as overhead door closers. All individual components are built into the floor or door. Floor springs are ideal when the door design should be as inconspicuous as possible.

What is a Glass Clamp?

For many people, buying glass clamps is like walking in the dark. Therefore, many people will eventually get low-quality glass clamps that will not bring value to their money. Given the delicate nature of the tasks they accomplish, one cannot compromise on the quality of glass clamp. In order to avoid making this costly mistake, you should pay attention to many functions when buying glass clamp.

How to Choose Floor Spring?

Floor spring has to cope with routine daily business and emergency situation. Floor springs soften the door strike and close the door securely. Floor spring extends from the functional standard of the hold-open systems to virtually invisible closing solutions integrated into the floor or door bottom.

What Are the Benefits of Using Glass Clamps?

The glass clamp, also known as the inner core of the door clamp, plays the role of fixing the glass door. Generally, the density plate is used. Due to the large friction force they accept during using, they have high requirements for material and process. The glass clamp is fixed at the edge of the glass door to install the hardware accessories of other parts.

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