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Jianlai Hardware (HK) Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and exporting enterprise since 1998. We are specializing in designing and producing floor spring, patch fitting, door handle, glass door lock, door closer, shower hinge, automatic sensor door, etc architectural hardware. Our company is provided with advanced production equipment and production line.
years experiences
suqare meters factory area
professional engineers


We have highly qualified and skilled technical engineers and professional marketing personnel to ensure that we provide customers with high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services.

Jianlai Brand

We have our own brand----Jianlai. It’s easier for customers to enter the market with our brand in short time. As Jianlai is our own brand, we will keep good quality of our products.

5 Years Warranty

Our product enjoys 5 years warranty.

24 Hours Online

Our salesman keep online 24 hours everyday. And we have quick respond system so that you can get the answer soon and solve your problem in short time.

One-Stop Solution Of Glass Hardware Fttings

We have floor spring, patch fitting, handle, door closer, shower hinge etc production lines. We will full fill our production series step by step in the future.

Professional Test Machine

We set up test room with different types of testing machine, like cycle time testing machine, high temperature testing machine, low temperature testing machine, etc.

Delivery On Time

Usually our production time is about 20 days. We will keep reporting the process of production. Our customers will clear about each steps once they order.

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