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What is Door Handle?

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The door handle is a special handle. Door handles are usually only used for bathroom, bedroom and other indoor doors because they are not safe enough for external doors. Door handles can combine elegance and fashion, improve the overall look of any home, and perform the critical purpose of opening and closing a glass door.

  • What are the advantages of door handle?

  • What is the material of door handle?

  • What are the applications of door handle?

What are the advantages of door handle?

Door handle makes it possible that you can access to easily. You can push door handle away with your shoulder to get the entrance. This saves time and effort of putting down items to open the door or needing help opening the door, with both arms and hands full. This is a great option for older or disabled people who have problems opening doors at home.

Door handle can prevent knob stains or grime. You can install door handle to your shed or garden house to assist in making the door easier to open without having to use your hands, which could be covered in grime or dirt. This can help when moving supplies in and out of the outbuilding, or even while moving tools or gardening supplies. door handle can also be applied to bathroom doors to keep down the spread of germs and other viral contaminants that come from door handles being touched by unwashed hands.

Door handle can be installed in adjacent rooms of your home to make it easier for those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities such as arthritis to access, where a lack of hand strength prevents the door from opening. Door handle allows individuals who once needed extra help to operate from home to be able to do things more independently.

Sliding Door Pull Handle

What is the material of door handle?

door handles are universal. In general, common household kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, doors and windows, sliding doors, glass doors, doors need it, you can see it everywhere.

For a good stainless steel door handle, we usually first determine the process and production plan, select high-quality raw materials, cut and split materials, then weld, tap, polish, quality inspection and packaging, and finally ship.

Specifications of door handles are usually produced according to customer requirements. We also support OEM customization.

What are the applications of door handle?

Door handles are widely used in many areas that we live in, such as bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. They are very convenient for us to open the door. Also, door handle is a one of the modern fittings to decorate your home.

You can install door handles in sheds or garden houses to help make doors easier to open without using hands that may be covered in dirt or grime.

Door handles can also be applied to bathroom doors to prevent the spread of bacteria by unwashed hands. They provide convenience for you to open your glass bathroom with high-class appearance. Today, door handles are the most popular choice for most people to decorate bathroom.

Workshop and mechanical garages can use door handles so that they do not get oil or grease on the knobs as they pass from one area to another. This helps maintain clean handles for customers or visitors entering the facility. Factories can also use door handles at the exit or inlet of work areas involving chemicals, providing greater safety for workers.

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