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What Should You Know About Door Closer?

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The door closer is a kind of hardware and building materials. Door closer is a device composed of metal spring and hydraulic damping. The door closer is used to install it on the upper part of the door leaf. When the door is opened, door closer can automatically close the door through compression release to ensure that the door can return to its original position accurately and timely.  

  • What are the features of door closer?

  • Where can door closer be used?

  • What is the development of door closer?

What are the features of door closer?

  • The door closer is installed on aluminum doors, aluminum frame glass doors, and wooden doors.

  • Our door closer has two adjustable speeds.

  • The door closer has a backward inspection function, which acts on the door to open about 75 degrees to avoid damaging the door.

  • The door closer has a long lifespan that each one can be closed for more than 20000 cycles.

  • The door closer uses thick material, which has a high quality.

  • Door closer is easy to install and disassemble.

  • The door closer is normally open at ordinary times. It can be opened and closed manually and maintain the opening angle under the condition of no fire.

  • The door closer can stay and open at any angle without angle restriction. It is not afraid of wind and other factors to close the door, which meets the fire regulations.

  • The door closer has a specially designed closing delay function so that the door can be closed orderly when it acts.

  • According to the weight of the door, the closing torque of door closer weighs 80kg, which can obtain the best closing effect.

Door Closer

Where can door closer be used?

Door closers can be used in the places where have fire prevention, anti-theft, national mandatory requirements. They can also work as access control automation and intelligent security systems. Door closers play important roles in the places with wind proof, thermal insulation and sound insulation doors that need to be closed frequently, such as fire access doors, building intercom anti-theft doors, hotel / hotel doors, toilet doors, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, vehicles and ships, office buildings and homes.

What is the development of door closer?

Pay more attention to the integration of culture and personality taste in the appearance design of door closer. There are many styles and types of door closers on the market, such as electric door closers, linkage door closers, and temperature and electricity double control door closers which are dazzling, but it is difficult to see several door closers that really integrate culture and design concepts into the door closers from the product design stage.

Pay attention to user experience and product humanization in the design of door closer.

Door closer manufacturers should not only pay attention to production and quality, but also pay attention to the innovation and patent application of door closer, constantly improving the core competitiveness of enterprises and protecting intellectual property rights.

Emphasize the attention to the details of door closers to constantly improve the quality. We should keep improving and reflect the consumption taste and understanding of the connotation of door closer from the details.

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