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What Are the Components of an Automatic Door?

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The basic parts of automatic doors are rail, pulley and driving belt. As these three parts are expendable and directly related to operation of automatic doors, their structure, material, machining precision, installation and regulation precision determine the requirements of repair and maintenance and service life of automatic door.

  • What are the components of an automatic door?

  • What are the types of automatic doors?

  • Where can automatic door be used?

What are the components of an automatic door?

Nowadays, automatic doors are becoming more and more common, and then they can be seen everywhere.

Main controller is the command center of automatic door, which is equivalent to human brain. It is a large integrated module, which uses internal instructions to program and issue corresponding instructions to instruct the motor or electronic lock system to work. The controller adjusts the door opening speed and other parameters.

Auotomatic door induction detector is responsible for collecting external signals, just like human eyes. When a moving object enters its working range, it reports to the main controller.

Power motor providing pulse signal provides the main force for opening and closing the door and controls the acceleration and deceleration of the door leaf.

Running track of automatic door leaf is just like the track of train, the hanging wheel system of door leaf is also limited to drive in a specific direction.

Automatic door leaf suspension wheel system is used to suspend the movable door leaf and drive the door leaf to operate under the action of power.

Automatic door timing belt is used to transfer the power generated by the motor and pull the door leaf distribution wheel system.

Automatic door lower guiding system is the guiding and positioning device at the lower part of the door leaf, which can prevent the door leaf from swinging back and forth during operation.

Automatic door

What are the types of automatic doors?

Infrared automatic sliding doors is the installation of infrared inductor. Infrared automatic sliding door reacts to the presence of objects, regardless of whether the person is moving or not, as long as the sensor is within the scanning range, it will react. Another is microwave inductor automatic door. It has fast reaction speed, which is suitable for the walking speed of the people through the place. However, once the people stand near the door, the radar will no longer react.

Swipe-card automatic doors are widely used in office buildings, banks, high-end apartments, airport security entrances, museums and other important places that need to prevent random people from entering to ensure safety. The access control of this type automatic door is carried out by swiping the card that the automatic door control system is connected with the card access control system to realize the automatic opening of the door.

The traditional mechanical door lock is simple in structure and needs to be unlocked with a key, so it is not convenient to use. With a password instead of a key, electronic password automatic door comes into being. Password automatic door, because of its high confidentiality, good flexibility, high security, has been favored by the majority of users.

Where can automatic door be used?

Automatic doors already permit modern barrier-free access, exit and passage in many buildings. They are particularly suitable for buildings with a high volume of footfall.

In the health sector, automatic doors are the hygienic solution for visitors, patients, and doctors to pass through doorways. They no longer need to open doors manually, and at the same time avoid spreading any germs on their hands.

A prestigious and convenient entrance is the first welcome greeting for guests in many hotels. Automatic doors to the kitchen and other areas enables hospitality staff to safely perform their tasks, and ensures smooth service. Accessibility, safety and hygiene are important benefits in this sector too.

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