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How to Maintain Automatic Door?

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The automatic door has movable and fixed leaves and can be hinged when pushed manually. Automatic door folds back on both sides and provides sufficient evacuation space in case of emergency or occasional requirements to pass through heavy items. Restore the normal operation of the door by placing the leaves in the original position.

  • What are the faults when using automatic door?

  • How to maintain automatic doors?

  • Why choose automatic door?

What are the faults when using automatic door?

When using automatic doors, if there is abnormal sound, it may be caused by two reasons. One is the sound of metal friction, the other is the sudden sound of popping. We should distinguish between these two sounds. The occurrence of metal friction sound is mostly caused by mechanical failure. The sudden sound of popping is mostly from the electrical parts. The automatic door generally does not have transformer while the controller part of rectifier filter capacitance is common.

Despite there are no the above problems, the automatic door is motionless, we call it “strange fault”. Then, the first thing is to check whether the power is on and automatic door switch is closed, whether caused by sudden rise in voltage transformer. If the controller is not faulty, the motor perhaps is damaged. If there is damage, it must be replaced.

How to maintain automatic doors?

Automatic door should be lubricated from time to time. It is recommended to lubricate automatic door every two months. Prevent water from entering the seal and channel. Pay attention to insects and water. Always monitor the electrical panel of the door. Clean the area around the automatic door. Check the condition of automatic door spring. Check whether the automatic door panel is damaged.

Observe whether the automatic door movable clamp and fixed fan have friction, whether to mop the ground. If so, adjusting the gap between the movable fan and fixed fan or adjusting the movable door fan hanging.

Check whether the ground wheel under the clamp of the movable door is loose, and fix it firmly or replace it.

Remove the back cover and check whether there is friction between the hanger and the back wall of the track. Adjust the hanger to ensure the vertical.

Observe whether the lifting wheel and track bump and damage, replace the lifting wheel and the track.

Observe whether the hanger and belt clip are hung against the controller or back cover.

Observe whether the motor gear and tail wheel are worn and in the same plane. The solution is to replace the parts or adjust them to the same plane.

Automatic door

Why choose automatic door?

Automatic doors provide flexibility and accessibility while providing a high level of security and safety. It is not only the right choice for today, but also the wise choice for tomorrow. Many automatic doors have manual override function, so they can still be opened in case of power failure or mechanical problems. The design of the automatic door is also sensitive to obstacles at the door so that they do not close someone or something in the middle of the path of the door. These safety measures can ensure that the automatic door is safe in all cases. For people in wheelchairs and other disabled people, automatic doors are a great blessing, because traditional doors may be difficult to use. Traditional doors may not be able to be opened when sitting in a wheelchair or navigating with crutches. For people with disabilities on their hands and arms, traditional doors may pose real obstacles. Automatic doors ensure access to public facilities for persons with disabilities.

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