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How to Install the Door Handle?

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There are many kinds of doors. Glass doors appear more in public places, but the bathroom partition and glass sliding door are also a good choice. The damage of the door handle is a very embarrassing problem and annoying. Mastering the correct installation steps of the door handle is the right way.

  • How to install the door handle?

  • How to select door handle material?

  • How to judge the material and quality of door handle?

How to install the door handle?

Buy door handles that meet the handle hole spacing, and check whether the parts and openings can be tightly connected. If door handles are too tight, use a drill to expand them carefully. If it is too loose, wrap adhesive tape around the parts.

First disassemble the door handle and then assemble it at the handle hole. Apply some glass glue to the position where the hole is inserted. The root of the connection between the handle and the door shall be fixed with screws to ensure that it will not be loose.

After the glass door is connected with the door handles, install other parts of the door handle, and then adjust the horizontal position. The door handles on both sides of the door shall be aligned, and the door handles of the two doors shall also be aligned. Finally, check that all parts are installed stably, and then they can be used normally.

If the door leaf is not equipped with a handle, it will be difficult to open and close, especially the glass door. If the door handle is not installed, there will be many conditions in use.


How to select door handle material?

When selecting door handle materials, please consider the service life, maintenance and sanitary conditions required by the project. When choosing the style of door handle, it is important to consider how it fits the style of family or building. Modern door handles come in many forms, from minimalism, rectangular and cylindrical to organic and ergonomics. Classical and rustic door handles are particularly popular in rural or historical buildings and can be decorated with traditional patterns or decorations. Common materials for classic door handles include brass, bronze, iron, porcelain, stainless steel, aluminum, crystal, wood, ceramic and glass.

How to judge the material and quality of door handle?

The door handle is usually made of stainless steel, but there are many kinds of stainless steel. 304 stainless steel door handles have very good quality, high gloss, smooth and flat surface, solid and durable. The 201 stainless steel door handles are relatively poor, the surface is dim, it will blacken after use for a period of time, and the material is relatively poor.

The specification of the door handle is relatively large, but it should be selected in combination with the size of the door body. It is not that the larger the specification, the better it is. The specification of the door handles should also meet the hole distance of the door handle, otherwise it will not be installed.

If you don't know how to judge the material and quality of door handles, you can buy door handles of well-known brands. This method is simple and efficient, and it is more time-saving and labor-saving for friends who have difficulty in choosing.

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