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How Does Door Closer Work?

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The door closer is a spring like hydraulic device located at the top of the door. When the door is opened, door closer can be released after compression to automatically close the door. The significance of door closer is not only to automatically close the door, but also to protect the door frame and door body to close smoothly.

  • What are the functions of door closer?

  • Why door closer is important?

  • How does door closer work?

What are the functions of door closer?

Door closer has the function of spring door, which can ensure that the door can be closed to the initial position accurately and timely after being opened.

Each door closer with different spring assemblies provides the closing force of the door closer.

The basic function of the door closer is to provide a stable and controlled closing action for the door after the door is opened and released. Modern compression coil springs with gear arrangement provide functions in the following ways. When the door is opened, pull or push, the standard link of door closer moves as the door opens. The linkage transmits motion to the gear train assembly, where the drive gear rotates the pinion in proportion. This compresses the spring that provides the energy needed to close the door.

Why door closer is important?

The quality of door closer will directly affect the service life of the whole door. A good door closer should look thick, with good surface gloss, dense protective layer and no scratch. The most important thing is that door closer should be opened flexibly. A good door closer can ensure that the door leaf is not deformed and can be opened and closed freely and flexibly.

The door closer will affect the physical performance of the door. The persistence of physical properties of doors is directly related to the structure and performance of hardware such as door closers. A good door closer, combined with other door hardware, can have good air tightness and water tightness to better realize the effect of sound and heat insulation.

The door closer will affect the economic performance of the door. One of the important ways to get rid of single price competition and create a benign market environment is to continuously enrich product functions and expand product profit space with technical advantages. The important link that can enrich the functions of door and window is the hardware, especially the door closer.

Door Closer

How does door closer work?

When the door is opened, the door drives the connecting rod to act, rotates the transmission gear, and drives the rack plunger to move to the right. When the plunger moves to the right, the spring is compressed and the hydraulic oil in the right chamber is pressurized. The check valve ball on the left side of the plunger is opened under the action of oil pressure. The hydraulic oil in the right chamber flows into the left chamber through the check valve. When the door opening process is completed, because the spring is compressed during the door opening process, the accumulated elastic potential energy is released, pushing the plunger to move to the left, driving the transmission gear and connecting rod of the door closer to rotate and close the door closer.

In the process of spring release, the hydraulic oil in the left chamber of the door closer is compressed and the check valve is closed, which can only flow out through the gap between the shell and the plunger and return to the right chamber through the small hole on the plunger and two flow channels equipped with throttle valve core. Therefore, it forms a resistance to the release of the spring that the buffering effect is achieved through throttling, and the speed of door closing is controlled.

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